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Mountain Bikinig

Pedalling for all you’re worth on the loveliest (e)mountain biking tours

Over 260 kilometres of well-marked bike and mountain bike trails are available to all friends of the two-wheeler in the Montafon. From comfortable tours to challenging routes with carry sections for mountain bike enthusiasts, the perfect tour can be found for every taste and condition.

Today you can pedal comfortably along the Ill river and explore the Rätikon, Silvretta and Verwall mountains on mountain bike the next.

Bike tours in Montafon Bike tours in the Montafon Find the perfect bike tour for your needs in the interactive map

Bike Tour

Climbing and mountaineering

Thrills on the most fascinating walls, via ferratas and climbing gardens

Climbing is just like real life. Those who plan their next steps carefully come closer to their goals. Perhaps this is why this sport is attracting more people than ever before. And the Montafon is a true El Dorado for climbing enthusiasts in the Alps.

Here beginners and professionals alike find climbing rou- tes from easy to challenging, and tricky rock walls surrounded by breath-taking views in the Silvretta, Rätikon and Verwall ranges. Those who are curious about the sport, and everyone who wants to perfect his or her climbing and safety techniques, can catch some fresh mountain air in the climbing garden.

Climbing Garden


Untouched freedom awaits in the ski areas beyond the pistes.

Impressive landscapes and untouched slopes have a special attraction High-Alpine deep snow descents, various terrains, spectacular cliffs and steep gullies - the Montafon in the south of Vorarlberg has everything that off-piste riders dream of in the Alps. The ski areas - especi- ally Silvretta Montafon - provide athletic challenges beyond the prepared routes.

Show Report


Deeply relaxed and highly active on the loveliest hiking trails

Hiking in the Montafon not only gets you ahead, it also gets you an extremely long way. In summer there are 1,161 km of hiking trails waiting to be discovered by nature lovers. The southernmost valley in Vorarlberg is surrounded by three mountain ranges: to the north-west are the striking limestone cliffs of the Rätikon. The partially glacial Silvretta is located to the south. And to the north-east, the idyllic European nature reserve Verwall. Here, alongside the treasures of the Alpine landscape and nu- merous Alpine pastures with a chalet serving refreshments, you can also find yourself.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way - through lush pastures, forests, from chalet to chalet, past Alpine farms, over heights and ridges.

Sledding & Tobogganing in the Montafon

Snowy pleasure on the toboggan runs in the picturesque winter landscape of Vorarlberg

No matter whether you are big or small, no matter whether it is during the day or at night, whether as a family or as a romantic excursion for two - you can also move through outstanding nature on two runners with us in the Montafon. Decide for yourself what kind of tobogganer you are and choose between the best prepared sledding routes and idyllic natural toboggan runs. You can build up strength for your adventurous tobogganing party with local delicacies at one of the comfortable chalets. If you haven’t brought a sled along with you, you can of course rent one.

Tobbogganing runs

Snowshoe hiking

You can combine nature, relaxation and exercise on a snowshoe hike.

Known for its ski areas, Vorarlberg awaits with numerous sporting opportunities away from the ski pistes. Crystal clear mountain air, perfect silence apart from the sound of fresh snow crunching under your shoes, and above all breath-taking panoramic views of the Rätikon, Silvretta and Verwall on the horizon: this is how good the Montafon winter feels on snowshoes, also known as bear paws. You’ll come closer to your personal winter fairy tale with each step through the untouched winter landscape.

On these giant “paws”, you will discover nature and enjoy the silence while snowshoe hiking. The 150 kilometres of marked routes and guided tours lead through the snowy winter landscape, across glitte-ring fields of snow and through enchanting forests.

Snowshoe trails

Skiing Snowboarding

Ski and snowboard on prepared pistes or on open terrain with snow guarantee

High mountains? Got ‘em. Snow? We’ve got a whole bunch of that all the way through to the spring. Weather? As many sunny days as we have in the Montafon are a rarity in the Alps. Beautiful? Oh yeah. So no wish is left unfulfilled. Anyone looking to find extraordinary mountain experiences during the winter will find excellent opportunities to do so in the southernmost valley of Vorarlberg.

Perfectly prepared pistes, dreamy ski touring routes and wildly romantic corners for the enjoyment of pure nature make the Montafon a truly diverse holiday destination. The region has over 74 cable cars and lifts that connect the 295 kilometres of pistes and ski routes. The ski areas therefore offer the per- fect infrastructure for skiing. There is also a great deal of joy to be had during winter hikes, snowshoe hikes, ski tours, freeriding, cross-country skiing and tobogganing.


Silvretta Montafon



Silvretta Bieler Höhe


Ascents with beautiful views and speedy descents through the powder snow

It was only a question of time before greater numbers of sports enthusiasts discovered touring in the Alps. This silent, athletic and challenging way of being on the go beyond the ski areas excites young and old alike.

In the south of Vorarlberg, you’ll find the best conditions for this adventure: slopes of all exposures, forests, heights up to 3,000 metres, the Silvretta glacier and, most of all, snow right through the spring.

Sure, a ski tour is always a challenge - and should be well prepared for. However, when accompanied by a state-certified mountain and ski guide, the selected tours are also suitable for beginners. The fee- ling of happiness of having ascended a slope and then leaving your tracks in the untouched snow - this is an incredible visual experience.

Overview of skitours